AHP clinicians are experts in the establishment and delivery of pain management programs. Our aim is to provide the most complete and effective service to ensure that the pain management needs of all residents are met.

Our implementation process includes a comprehensive audit of complex healthcare funding. Residents are identified and assessed based on their need for pain therapy and potential for ACFI uplift.

All AHP clinicians receive training on the current ACFI system, including the requirements of maintaining 3, 4a and 4b claims. Ongoing education is provided to ensure that all staff delivering pain management treatments are informed on the latest industry news and validation trends.

We ensure compliance for all treatment claims through ongoing internal and external auditing systems. The results of compliance audits are provided to facility management on a regular and ongoing basis. Our clients can request full complex healthcare audits at any time.

Australian Health Professionals offers on-site support through all ACFI validations periods.

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