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Our team of aged care experts have a wealth of practical experience…we focus on solutions. From specific issues to entire systems, our consultants work with you to achieve industry leading results.

Accreditation Standards Gap Analysis

AHP consultants are experienced managers and seasoned auditors: we know what to look for and where to find it. Comprehensive and insightful, our methodology identifies compliance gaps and provides detailed action plans with best-practice solutions to compliment your own quality system. We’re also available to provide hands-on support with implementing your improvement plan.

Your site analysis includes:

  • Unbiased and objective analysis of all 44 outcomes.
  • Special focus on outcomes with the highest rate of non-compliance.
  • Detailed reports and individually tailored action plans.
  • On-site support.

Our consultants are always happy to answer your questions, so please call us for more details.

Behaviour Management

The increasing prevalence of dementia is having a profound impact on residential care services…so it’s essential your team has the skills to meet this challenge.

Though expert advice is available from Psychogeriatricians and support services such as DBMAS, there are often substantial lead times to access these services and referrals are only managed on a case by case basis.

What if your care team had the skills to manage challenging situations and reduce the need for external referrals?

AHP’s approach empowers your team with simple techniques to manage real-world situations. Equipping your team with the skills to identify, manage and prevent escalating behaviour will help them maintain a harmonious environment…and that’s in everyone’s best interest.

AHP Behaviour Management Training includes:

  • Onsite Clinical Education: Our training modules cover a range of topics from basic information to complex pathophysiology.
  • Behaviour Management Training: Hands-on group training that focuses on the fundamental techniques of behaviour management.
  • Site-Specific Training: Understanding your team’s specific challenges is the key to providing them with real solutions. By spending time on the floor with them, we’re able to provide detailed strategies they can start using immediately.

Speak with our consultants for more information.

Medication Management

Make sure your residents are safe and your staff have the skills to keep them that way. We can assist you with a range of medication management services and education modules.

  • Selection and Implementation of Medication Systems
  • Eliminating Medication Errors
  • Legislative Compliance and Administration Practice Audits
  • Pharmacology Education for all levels of Care Staff
  • Best Practice Solutions for Medication Administration, Storage and Stock Control
  • Competency Assessments

Wound Management

Our clinicians are experts in contemporary wound management who can help you improve resident outcomes, decrease staff workload and reduce costs. We work with your care team to analyse existing practices, identify your specific needs and equip them with best-practice solutions to significantly improve clinical care at your facility.

AHP Wound Clinicians can assist you with:

  • Skin Tear Protocols: Classification and treatment
  • Wound Identification: Pressure injuries, venous and arterial ulcer staging
  • Wound Care Product Selection
  • Documentation and Treatment Escalation Protocols
  • Preventative Strategies & Infection Control Precautions
  • Comprehensive Wound Management Audits
  • Case Management for Individual Complex Wounds

Contact us to discuss the right solutions for your facility.

Understanding Accreditation

AHP provides accreditation education modules for all staff categories, demystifying the AACQA standards and linking each person’s specific role to the facility’s success. Empowering your team with a detailed understanding of accreditation engages them in the process, promotes ‘ownership’ and builds team spirit.

Our education modules include:

  • The Accreditation Audit Process: Managing Routine and Unannounced Visits
  • Working with AACQA Auditors
  • AACQA Audit Methodology
  • Continuous Improvement and Action Planning
  • AACQA Assessment Modules

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